Glass All Surface Cleaner


Streak free cleaner, quick drying and no residue

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Euca Glass has been developed as the best streak free glass and shiny surface cleaner you can by. This product can be used on all highly-polished surfaces, making life easy with it’s quick drying, no residue formula.

It also has an anti-static agent which works to repel dust and lint to reduce re-soiling.

Ideal for use on glass, windows, mirrors, chrome, bench tops, tables, chairs, tiles, basins, taps, automotive interiors, phones, computer screens, keyboards and all plastics.

Euca Glass even removes strains and marks from fabrics making it great on chairs, carpets and even clothes.

  • Kills 99.9% of germs.
  • Streak free cleaning for all modern surfaces.
  • Quick drying with no residue.
  • Anti-static agent.
  • Safe on painted surfaces.
  • Safe on phones, keyboards, plastics and perspex.
  • Does not contain ammonia or bleach making it safe for tinted glass.



Water, Butyl Cellosolve, Ethoxylated Alcohol (surfactant) and Food Colouring

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10L Drum with tap, 1L Concentrate, 4L, 500ML Trigger Spray, 750ML